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En Espanol- Para hablar sobre nuestra escuela. Comunicase con Jeanette Aybar, Coordinador de Padres al (862)250-5309


The recorded open house is also available here on our website if you want to watch it now! 

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Parents & Students

What kind of student is James Baldwin looking for?

We are looking for students who want to come to be part of our community.  It is hard for us to give a profile of a typical JBS student since the people here are very diverse.  After being at JBS for a little while, students tend to ask questions a lot, listen thoughtfully to what others have to say and feel more confident in new situations than they did before.  

How do I apply to Baldwin?


We need the following documents from you:

  • An application form  

  • Two letters of recommendation  

  • A copy of your transcript

  • An academic writing sample (ideally with teacher comments)



Who can write a letter of recommendation?

Anyone from your current school, such as a teacher, counselor, or administrator.  Also, adults you know from other places, like a job, community center, or religious organization.  Any adult who knows you well, but who is not a family member, can write a recommendation. 


How do I get my transcript?

Go to your guidance counselor at your old school and ask him or her to print out a copy of your transcript. 


Can I give you a report card instead of a transcript?

No.  This is for your own protection.  We cannot add your credits from your old school from a report card.  We must have your transcript to add the credits.  Without your transcript, you are running the risk of never getting those old credits added to your transcript and starting over as if you were a beginning 9th grader.  


My credit situation is unusual.  I’m in the middle between 10th and 11th grade.  Will I be in 10th grade or 11th grade?

Depending on how many credits you have, you could be in either grade.   However, the classes you take at Baldwin are not based on what grade you are in.  You WILL NOT have to repeat any class for which you already have a credit.  We have mixed grade level classes here.  That means that 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders all take classes together and so each individual person just takes the classes they need to further their education and graduate. 


I’m in 11th grade.  Won’t those classes I’m taking with 9th graders be too easy for me?

Part of what is special about Baldwin is that teachers individualize your learning experience.  A teacher will have higher expectations for a highly skilled 11th grader than an incoming 9th grader.  The standards that teachers have for you will depend on your ability on entering the class.  So teachers will expect more from you if you are in 11th grade. 



After all documents have been received, you will be contacted for an interview.





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